Nadia Meflah


King Kong

age 8+

Ann Darrow, an out-of-work blonde actress, is hired by the director Carl Denham to star in his next film. ...


The gold rush

age 5+

In the 19th century, the discovery of massive gold deposits in the Klondike provoked a huge influx of...


The Great Dictator

age 7+

In 1918, a humble soldier from Tomainia suffers amnesia after saving the life of a pilot named Schultz. After...


The Kid

age 6+

When she gets out of hospital, a penniless young mother who has been jilted by her lover abandons her baby in...


Modern times

age 7+

Charlie Chaplin works on an assembly line in a big factory. His daily duty consists of tightening nuts. Very...


The Crimson Pirate

age 6+

The intrepid Captain Vallo, better known as "The Crimson Pirate", captures a British navy frigate in the...



age 7+

In 1931, Hugo Cabret, a 12-year-old orphan, lives in the walls of Montparnasse train station in Paris. He...


Ice Age

age 6+

Some 20,000 years BC, a strange animal inadvertently triggers a new ice age. While the frightened animals flee...



age 6+

Remy is a young rat who dreams of becoming a great French chef. Despite his family's opposition and the...


The Mark of Zorro

age 6+

1820. Don Diego de la Vega, the finest swordsman in the Royal Academy of Madrid, goes back to his parents in...


A Monster in Paris

age 6+

Paris, 1910. A terrifying creature spreads panic across the capital of France. Emile, a shy projectionist, and...


The Lady Vanishes

age 10+

Iris Henderson is spending the night in a hotel in the Balkans before taking a train back to London. There she...


Christmas Panic

age 6+

The festive season is drawing near. Christmas, goodwill, New Year's Eve. Cowboy and Indian are looking forward...