Nadège Roulet


Edward Scissorhands

age 7+

Peg, a charming door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman, discovers the isolated mansion of a tormented and...


Eleanor's secret

age 5+

Nathaniel is nearly seven years old but still can't read. But when his Aunt Eleanor dies, she leaves him the...


The beauty and the beast

age 6+

Once upon a time there was a down-on-his-luck merchant who lived with his three daughters, Felicie, Adelaide...


400 Blows

age 8+

Antoine Doinel is a 13-year-old boy who lives in Paris, dreams of seeing the sea and prefers freedom, the...


Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

age 6+

As holiday makers invade a peaceful resort on the Brittany coast, Monsieur Hulot, a gangly and eccentric...


Mia and the Migoo

age 7+

Mia, a girl barely 10 years old, leaves the village of her birth somewhere in South America to go look for her...



age 6+

Mona is a little princess who lives alone in a remote castle with her adoptive parents, a pair of sinister and...


A cat in Paris

age 7+

Dino is a cat who splits his life between two homes: by day he lives with Zoé, the daughter of a police...