Mégane Bouron


The Snowman

age 3+

One freezing day, a little boy makes a snowman. During the night, he gets up, goes downstairs and leaves the...


The Land Before Time

age 5+

Littlefoot, a baby diplodocus, is suddenly separated from a family after an earthquake ravages his country....


A Town Called Panic

age 6+

Cowboy and Indian are clumsy. To celebrate the birthday of their friend Horse, they decide to get a kit for...


Forbidden games

age 8+

June 1940 in central France. Five-year-old Paulette has just lost her parents in an air raid. Now an orphan,...



age 6+

Serious, inquisitive and intelligent, Matilda is a child with outstanding knowledge and she is nothing like...


Back to School Panic!

age 6+

Cowboy and Indian are about to embark on an exotic luxury cruise when their holiday plans are disrupted by...


A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

age 6+

Our favourite sheep is back with an intergalactic adventure! This time, Shaun the Sheep meets an adorable...