Marie Horel


Kirikou and the wild beasts

age 5+

Why would a hyena go for a wander in a vegetable garden? What know-how can a village use to escape a potential...


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

age 8+

With Wonka bars, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Cavity-Filling Caramels and much more, Wonka's chocolate and candies...



age 6+

"Do you believe dreams come true? " This is how a cricket who jumps from home to home grabs the attention of...


It's a Wonderful Life

age 9+

George Bailey is the son of the owner of a savings and loan association, which helps people in the small town...


Lucky and Zorba

age 5+

While a young seagull named Kengah is looking for some food, the North Sea is covered by an oil spill. Stuck...


The jungle book

age 8+

In a jungle in British India, a memsahib woman - meaning a white woman of high social standing - is being...


Addams Family Values

age 8+

Thought you had seen everything from the Addams family, a clan for whom death and suffering are a source of...


Kubo and the two strings

age 9+

Medieval Japan in the 18th century. Kubo is a sensitive young boy who escaped a horrific storm when he was a...


Cria Cuervos

age 11+

In a big middle class house in Madrid in the 1970s, Ana, who has just turned 10, is spending the summer with...


Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness

age 4+

Pigtail, a six-year-old girl, wants to spend her Christmas holidays learning to ice skate with her father. But...