Louis-Paul Desanges


Chicken run

age 6+

Held captive in a chicken coop that resembles a prisoner-of-war camp, a troupe of chickens search desperately...


Fantastic Mr. Fox

age 6+

At the request of his wife, Mr. Fox agrees to put an end to his chicken-stealing days. A few years later, just...


Raining cats and frogs

age 6+

Tom lives peacefully with his “grandfather” Ferdinand and his “mum” Juliette, his adoptive parents. Bu...


Jungle book

age 4+

Mowgli, a young boy raised by a pack of wolves, is being hunted by a terrible tiger, Shere Khan. To protect...


Wolf Children

age 7+

Hana, a young student from Tokyo, falls in love with a mysterious boy named Ookami ... ... who turns out to be...


Black Mor's Island

age 7+

After escaping from an orphanage to go in search of a legendary pirate, the Kid embarks on an adventure in...



age 4+

Sôsuke is a young boy who lives at the edge of a cliff with his mother, Lisa. One day he finds a goldfish...