Cyrielle Jacheet


Bugsy Malone

age 8+

It is 1920s New York and gang war is raging. Fat Sam, mafia godfather and owner of the famous speakeasy "Fat...


The Addams Family

age 7+

The Addams Family spend deliciously unhappy days in their sinister mansion. While Gomez and Morticia nurture...


Stick Man

age 4+

The Stick family live happily and peacefully in the hollow of their tree. But one day, Stick Man is out...


Alice in wonderland

age 6+

While her big sister reads her history lesson to her, Alice, a little girl with an overflowing imagination,...


The rabbi's cat

age 9+

In North Africa in the 1920s, a cat who is not quite like any other is living in total serenity with Rabbi...