Camille Lepetit


Kirikou and the men and women

age 5+

Once again we find Kirikou's grandfather in his blue cave, from where he will tell us more stories about his...


Tales of the Night

age 6+

Every evening, a girl, a boy and an old projectionist meet up in a seemingly abandoned cinema. There, the...


The Nightmare Before Christmas

age 7+

Every year, zombies, witches and other macabre creatures from Halloween Town get ready for the annual...


The Incredibles

age 7+

A few years ago, Robert Bob Parr, alias Mr Incredible, was forced into retirement by the upsurge in lawsuits...


City lights

age 6+

Charlie Chaplin, a tramp in a city, helps a young florist. The woman is blind and thinks he is a rich man. He...


Microbe & Gasoline

age 9+

Daniel, aka "Microbe", is a shy daydreamer who is shunned by his peers. When Theo, nicknamed "Gasoline", is...