Antoine De Ducla


War of the Buttons

age 6+

Just like every year when it is time to go back to school, the pupils of Longeverne take on their counterparts...


Howl's moving castle

age 7+

Eighteen-year-old Sophie works tirelessly in the hat shop that her father ran before he died. On a rare outing...


Peter & the Wolf

age 7+

In present day Russia, Peter is a poor young boy who lives in the suburbs with his mean grandfather. When he...


Wallace & Gromit : the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

age 5+

As Tottington Hall gets ready for its annual giant vegetable competition, Wallace and Gromit set up a business...



age 10+

Willow is a simple farmer and father belonging to the Nelwyn people. One day, his two children find a baby...


A Perfect World

age 11+

Two escapees from Huntsville prison, "Butch" Haynes and Terry Pugh, go on the run through Texas after...


The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

age 5+

Fed up of being constantly humiliated by the village of indomitable Gauls, Caesar sets them a new challenge:...


That man from Rio

age 7+

Airman Adrien Dufourquet witnesses the kidnapping of his fiancée Agnès, the daughter of a famous...


The golden ball

age 7+

A 12-year-old Guinean boy, Bandian, leaves his rural village to follow his dream of becoming a top...


Nanook of the North

age 6+

This film follows the daily lives of Nanook and his family, Inuits in the Ungawa region on the eastern bank of...


How the toys saved christmas

age 4+

As with every year on the eve of the Epiphany, Befana the good witch sets off to give gifts to the best...


Oliver Twist

age 9+

In the early 19th century in a small English town, Oliver Twist, whose mother died while giving birth to him,...



age 7+

As the sun rises above a country meadow, the simultaneously vast yet tiny world of the insects awakens, and...


The Highway Rat

age 4+

A rat wreaks havoc by stealing food from the weakest. But one day he meets a duck who is much cleverer than...



age 6+

Mango is a young mole who must follow the family tradition and go to work in the local mine with his father. A...