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Adventure all the way !


Long way North

age 7+

In 1882 in Saint Petersburg, Sasha is a 14-year-old aristocrat who has always been fascinated by the feats of...


That man from Rio

age 7+

Airman Adrien Dufourquet witnesses the kidnapping of his fiancée Agnès, the daughter of a famous...



age 7+

In Sudan, under an ancestral tree, an old man tells the story of a group of young children.


A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

age 6+

Our favourite sheep is back with an intergalactic adventure! This time, Shaun the Sheep meets an adorable...


The Mark of Zorro

age 6+

1820. Don Diego de la Vega, the finest swordsman in the Royal Academy of Madrid, goes back to his parents in...



age 7+

Young Tepulpai lives with his family in a small village in the heart of the Andes. They live in harmony with...


Princess Mononoke

age 10+

The story is set in medieval Japan (the Muromachi period). Ashitaka, the prince of the Emishis tribe, is...


The Bears' famous invasion of Sicily

age 7+

In the snow-capped mountains of Sicily, a group of bears live under the command of King Leonzio. Distraught at...


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The divine comedy


Ice Age

age 6+

Some 20,000 years BC, a strange animal inadvertently triggers a new ice age. While the frightened animals flee...


A Town Called Panic

age 6+

Cowboy and Indian are clumsy. To celebrate the birthday of their friend Horse, they decide to get a kit for...


An American in Paris

age 8+

A rich heiress in Paris falls in love with Jerry Mulligan, a young American painter. But Jerry is smitten with...


Monsters, Inc.

age 5+

The thinking in Monstropolis is that human children are toxic, so they inspire great fear. Yet children's...


Early Man

age 6+

4000 BC. Mammoths and dinosaurs live in perfect harmony with cavemen. The tribe of Dug and his best friend...


The Addams Family

age 7+

The Addams Family spend deliciously unhappy days in their sinister mansion. While Gomez and Morticia nurture...


The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales…

age 5+

The film consists of three 26-minute stories with recurring characters: A Baby to Deliver The Stork claims...


Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

age 6+

As holiday makers invade a peaceful resort on the Brittany coast, Monsieur Hulot, a gangly and eccentric...


Theme list of the month

What are theme lists ?

With theme lists, Benshi lets you discover cinema in a different way. These lists invite you to explore a theme or a film genre through the eyes of different filmmakers and universes. A first step towards cinephilia… Children can collect pins according to the films they have seen on each theme list!